Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Update on Pippa

First off, everyone is fine and is once more doing well, but we are back in the hospital 'til probably thursday morning.

The 3 of us got home sunday from the hospital as planned, but later that night Pippa was crying for 3 hours nonstop (not something she'd come close to doing previously-- she normally cries for about a minute or two at the most and then quiets right down). So we finally thought to take her temp and she was up to 101.5, so after calling the on-call ped, we were instructed to go to the ER at 3AM on Monday, and were admitted to the Pediatric Unit. By that time she had quieted down and her temp was already back down to 99.4-- but they really wanted to make sure that she wasn't fighting an infection or anything, so they wanted her for 48 hours of antibiotics, with 24 more to make sure nothing flares up after the antibiotics.

In any event, she's been doing great since then-- no more fevers, no crying jags, and is feeding and sleeping well, and being just about as cute as possible (at least we think so).

Both the Docs and we think it was probably just a short lived virus, and this is actually unnecessary, but with newborns, they just don't want to take any chances. So we figure 3 days of being uncomfortable in a hospital room are a fair trade-off for making sure everything's alright.

Anyway, we should be back home in a couple of days, and we'll have more pictures and stories to share about the cutest baby ever (at least in my wholly unbiased opinion).

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pippa's Here!

Elizabeth Pippa Jackson Sanborn was born on Thursday, May 25th at 8:50pm.
She weighs a whopping 8pounds and 13oz, and is 20 1/2 inches long.
Emily and Pippa are both doing very well!

We should all be coming home from the hospital on Sunday (Pippa was
born via C-Section so they are keeping them 3 nights).

More to come once we get home...

Monday, May 22, 2006


Just in case you were wondering, I'm still pregnant :(

Yesterday, after an hour long hike thru Eno River State Park (yup, trying to shake this child out), we're standing in CVS waiting to check out. My shirt is dirty (I'd climbed out on a big tree limb over the water), I was sweaty, my hair was a wreck from getting caught in trees, etc, by this point my legs had swollen out over the edge of my socks and shoes, my belly is HUGE and the shirt I'm wearing just barely (maybe) covers it. The point here is I'm DEFINITELY not looking my best, or even halfway close to mediocre. There's a couple in front of us, obviously just coming out of church -- the man had a suit and hat on, the woman had a fancy blue dress dripping w/ beads and shoes to match. He'd been smiling at us for some time, and we'd been smiling back. He turned to James and said "there's nothing prettier than a woman who is pregnant". I swear, my mouth just dropped open as I pictured how I looked at that exact moment. I mean, was he blind? Nope, I guess just very nice. I sort of stammered thanks, and they wanted to know when I was due. When I told them I was due that day the woman looked horrified and started to back away, saying "Lord Jesus" a couple times, as if I was going to have this child right then and there. On our way out, he starts telling us all about the evils of pacifiers and that we should never use one -- that what children really need is love. I assure him that we'll "be careful" about that, feeling the need to nod my head a few times. When we left the store I just burst out laughing -- definitely one of the weirder encounters while pregnant.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Photos from Duke Gardens

With, hopefully, only one day to go (if Pippa's on-time) we took a morning walk through the Duke Gardens. Here are some week 40 photos of Emily and her belly (with a few of me in there, too). Also, some turtles...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Plumbing Dream

So, I had this very un-subtle dream last night. I dreamt that I went down to the kitchen and the refrigerator had apparently broken a water hose because there was water coming out all over the kitchen floor. I walked into the dining room to see if there was water in there, and the wall had a huge hole in it where a pipe had burst and the wall was crumbling from the water. I went back into the kitchen and noticed a portion of the ceiling had caved in because of pipes leaking. So, you think I want my water to break??

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well, Saturday I had contractions for a couple of hours. And yesterday, I had them for about six hours. Unfortunately, they're not the "normal" type of early contractions (30-60 second contractions with 40 minutes in between), they are these weird hour-long contractions with an hour or so in between. Go figure. I had a clinic appointment this morning, and apparently this is just a type of early labor -- some women walk around for weeks like this. Ugh. The good news is I'm 1 cm dilated, and 75% effaced (and if you don't know what that means, you prolly don't want to know) -- the doctor thinks it's going to be anytime now and thought I'd definitely deliver by my due date. Wahoo. Hopefully he didn't jinx me :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hurry up and Wait...

is pretty much what we're doing now. Everything is as ready as it's going to be. Hoping to go into labor at any moment... but it's not looking likely :(

Bry, Sheri, and Rian's visit

And even more pics that we're late posting. These are from their visit Easter Sunday w/ baby goodies -- a whole bathtub full!! Since the adults didn't photograph very well that day they're rounded off w/ a bunch of super cute Rian pics.

Presents from Jeremy, Ruffin, and her family...

We're late getting these up, but these are pics of presents from Ruffin and Jeremy, Ruff's parents Ned and Ginna, and Ginna's mother Mudder. As you can tell from the pics, we were super psyched by all the books and James has read Pippa a good many of them already. Mudder knit that beautiful sweater that I ADORE and can't wait for Pippa to wear it!!

Monday, May 08, 2006


Weight gained: 40 pounds
Pairs of shoes that still fit: 2
Pippa's due date: May 21, 2006
Times she gets hiccups a day: 3 (like clockwork)
Circumference of my belly: 45" as of 2 weeks ago (probably more now)
Times we had to tell Oscar to stop eating Pippa's stuffed Piglet: 3 (he just goes and visits it now without chewing)
Baby classes we took: 6
Bags packed for the hospital: 2 (one for Pippa and me, one for James)
Food cravings I've had: 0
People who have said how huge I am (in more or less polite wording): too many to count
Times she's "dropped": 2

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Belly Time!

week 38 photos:

Check out the shadow in these two photos:

Monday, May 01, 2006

Duke Baby Shower Pics

These are pictures from the baby shower my library threw us. Everyone brought a book they either liked as a kid, or that were favorites of their kids. Needless to say Pippa has quite a library started! My department also bought us a convertible (it works rear-facing and forward-facing) car seat!! James has started reading the books to Pippa :)

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