Friday, January 26, 2007


Pippa learned how to wave this last week -- and she's eight months old. She'll wave at every person and animal she sees (okay, and sometimes important objects, like the refrigerator). We were visiting her Uncle Bryan's office and all of his coworkers came out to meet her and she started waving at them like she'd been doing it her whole life -- I'm not sure they believed us that it was her first time. Now she waves like a champ. Constantly. Like when someone goes into a different room, or when a puppy strolls by, or in her sleep... all night long. Here is a video of her on that first day at Bry and Sheri's house:

She now weighs 21 pounds on my mom's bathroom scale. At Bry and Sheri's house a neighbor picked her up and made the normal comment about how heavy she is (it's always interesting how this is worded -- "oh my, she's sturdy" or "gracious, she's...dense") and when I told her she weighs 21 pounds she said her 2 year old weighs 22 pounds. That's our Sugar Plum Fairy.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


So, it snowed here on Thursday. We brought Pippa out during the snowfall and she burst into laughter at all the white stuff everywhere.

A photo proving, yet again, she loves her Cheerios.

Big, Big Girl

We weighed her last week on our crummy bathroom scale and got 21 lbs. She's grown out of all her 9 month clothes, so I went and picked up some 12 month stuff -- which she's too big for :(

Pippa helps Mama cook.

Oscar REALLY wants whatever she's cooking.

It's best to sing while we cook.

What this picture doesn't convey is Pippa bouncing up and down to try and get James to bounce up and down.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yup, that's right, two of them made their appearance today. Pippa's two front lower teeth have just peeked through -- the right tooth is a bit ahead of the left. She's been teething on and off for months -- lots of drool and chewing on everything. But yesterday and last night she wasn't hurting, or fussy, so they appeared without a lot of fanfare. You'll notice the lack of pictures here -- the only way we found them was she was sucking on James's finger and bit him and he realized there was something very sharp in there. Actually seeing them takes prying her mouth open and moving her tongue out of the way before you can catch a brief glimpse of white teeth and then they disappear as she thrashes around.

Another exciting milestone is that she rocked up on all fours today a couple of times. She quickly fell down out of it, but crawling is looking more likely. Standing is still her favorite activity, though. I got tired of it before she did and sat her down after a 10 plus minute session... and she cried until I let her stand back up again. I think we're in trouble!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

UK Visit and Christmas

Josh and Carrie and their two sons Simon (2 months) and Colby (22 months) visited from the UK. Jason joined them at our place and we all had a great time.

Carrie with Colby and Simon, Jason, James and Pippa and Josh at the Tobacco Complex in Durham (a very cool renovated tobacco warehouse and train stop).

Jason and Pippa -- I love that they have the same expression on their face. Note the Boston Red Sox cap, courtesy of Moe.

Simon had RSV (not from Pippa) and was recovering this day, poor guy.

Pippa loves to roll.

Pippa's first try at a 'big kid' highchair in a restaurant -- she did great!

Pippa with Grammy and Cousin Rian.

I knit James a Christmas stocking, and it got a wee bit out of control...

Pippa loves this hat. Really really loves it. Especially biting it. You'll see this again in other photos.

Pippa with Grampy.

Pippa's idea of unwrapping presents is to get an edge free, bite the paper, and ignore the present. This is why we didn't get her much for Xmas -- she's really more satisfied with the paper and empty boxes!

It's hard to choose between toys... better to play with them both at the same time.

James and I gave Pippa a bongo set. We all love them.

Aunt Sheri lent us this snail rocker that Pippa LOVES. She loves to rock furiously while vigorously chewing the antenna.

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