Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Update on Pippa

First off, everyone is fine and is once more doing well, but we are back in the hospital 'til probably thursday morning.

The 3 of us got home sunday from the hospital as planned, but later that night Pippa was crying for 3 hours nonstop (not something she'd come close to doing previously-- she normally cries for about a minute or two at the most and then quiets right down). So we finally thought to take her temp and she was up to 101.5, so after calling the on-call ped, we were instructed to go to the ER at 3AM on Monday, and were admitted to the Pediatric Unit. By that time she had quieted down and her temp was already back down to 99.4-- but they really wanted to make sure that she wasn't fighting an infection or anything, so they wanted her for 48 hours of antibiotics, with 24 more to make sure nothing flares up after the antibiotics.

In any event, she's been doing great since then-- no more fevers, no crying jags, and is feeding and sleeping well, and being just about as cute as possible (at least we think so).

Both the Docs and we think it was probably just a short lived virus, and this is actually unnecessary, but with newborns, they just don't want to take any chances. So we figure 3 days of being uncomfortable in a hospital room are a fair trade-off for making sure everything's alright.

Anyway, we should be back home in a couple of days, and we'll have more pictures and stories to share about the cutest baby ever (at least in my wholly unbiased opinion).

Someone should remember to tell new parents that their baby will cry for three hours straight the night you get home from the hospital. At least, Lucie did that, and someone told me later that it is quite common. Here's our true story. Lucie started crying, and we started worrying and freaking out, but we were /so exhausted/ that we fell asleep, on the bed, with Lucie between us, with the lights on, and with our clothes on. We woke with a start in the early morning, wondering how it got to be so quiet. When/how did she finally stop crying and fall asleep? Neither Chris nor I had any memory of it.
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