Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pippa's Here!

Elizabeth Pippa Jackson Sanborn was born on Thursday, May 25th at 8:50pm.
She weighs a whopping 8pounds and 13oz, and is 20 1/2 inches long.
Emily and Pippa are both doing very well!

We should all be coming home from the hospital on Sunday (Pippa was
born via C-Section so they are keeping them 3 nights).

More to come once we get home...

Congrats, she's a cutie with that head of hair!

Hope all is going well - enjoy the time in the hospital - I found it a bit hard to lay low and recover from surgery at home - I almost wish I had stayed the extra day.

When Em is feeling better I'd love to hear your birth story.
She is adorable! Look at all that hair. I think she is going to look like Emily.
The man at CVS however, would not approve of that enormous paci in her mouth.

We look forward to meeting her soon!! Molly will happily share her paci with her and pull her hair.
Yeah! She is so cute - she looks very alert in the last shot. I know you are glad to finally meet her. How great! We were so excited to hear she arrived.
Happy happy joy joy! Congratulations! Leo is looking forward to meeting Ms. Pippa (as are we).
Thanks for the pictures! She is beautiful. The one of Emily and Pippa is my favorite. Congratulations to all of you.
Oh man, that last photo is absolutely awesome! I think she's thinking " Oh my god, I shouldn't have gone toward the light!", but I can't be sure. Anyway, what a doll!
Beautiful!! Congrats to you and Emily from the NRL
Congratulations! She looks fantastic-so healthy and alert, and hairy! (mine were blonde baldies)
Take good care of yourselves and enjoy every moment you can of your Pippa.
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