Monday, February 11, 2008


I know, we've gone from a two month dry spell to an embarrassment of riches. Enjoy it while it lasts. We've been trying to get videos of Pippa saying some of her cuter words, counting, and doing ABCs. These aren't the best examples of her talents, but they're the best we've got right now. Rowan's cold is really bad today so I didn't take any videos of her (but you can hear her crying in the background of some of the vids, poor kid).

Don't worry, she doesn't fall.

Just a few of her words

Pippa counting -- she can actually get all the way to 13 herself without any mistakes. I blame the headcold.
Alternate title for video: "9 is my favorite number!"

Pippa working on her ABC puzzle.

And here's a picture of my Dad working hard with Rowan.

And here's just a picture of Rowan's utter cuteness...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Finally, some more photos

So, it's been a VERY long hiatus for the blog, but we're finally back.

For updates, Rowan is just about 4 months old, and Pippa is about 20 months old. Rowan is getting really big (probably 16+ pounds) and is sleeping through the night most nights, so we're very happy. Pippa is talking up a storm, stringing words together, counting up to ten (not always accurately) and continuing to dance, twirl, tap, kick and march.

For those that don't know, Emily has been dealing with a herniated disc in her lower back, so she has been very uncomfortable and unable to do all the things she wants to do. She has a new doctor, though, and thinks that the treatments there and at the chiropractor's are beginning to help her turn the corner. (We're using her back as our excuse for not blogging for so long, by the way.)

There's not really any news from me (James)-- the drought has been keeping me out of my kayak and away from the rapids, so I've just been working and taking care of Emily and the girls.

For those of you looking for photos, I've put up two really large albums. Here are photos from the latter half of December '07, and here are photos from January and February '08.

And here are a few photos for the blog:

Rowan and Emily, about a week or so ago.

Sadly, having the cutest Tom Brady fan ever didn't seem to help the Pats last Sunday. We're blaming the flamingo...

Here are a few photos from earlier today:

Happy Jail-Break Baby!

kisses (but only cuz we asked her to...)

Rowan's been losing most of her baby hair, and it seems like it's growing in a lighter color, but we're not positive, yet.

Both have cool silver shoes (thanks anonymous Duke undergrad race-runner for Pippa's sneaks and thanks to Angie for Rowan's boots)

Pippa was adamant that we put Rowan down on "Rowan's Rock"
after Pippa sat on "Pippa's Rock"

Totem Pole

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