Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Cuteness

Updates -- we both have thrush. Again. Like the 4th again. So, we're back on a million medicines. Her pediatrician said it looks like we caught it early so hopefully it won't be as bad as the last times. What ticks me off is I went to my ObGyn last week and said I thought I had thrush and he told me I was perfectly healthy, and the pain was just normal breastfeeding. Grrr. On a happier note, more pictures!

Pippa practicing her rude gestures...

I just need to point out here how much she absolutely adores James. When he comes home she bursts into smiles and laughter, starts chatting to him, and then follows him all around the room with her eyes. It's adorable.

She's getting good at catching those wily feet.

She LOVES football. Yay football (sports are the only TV she's allowed to watch, well that and PTI which is a sports show).

This look is new -- her mouth in a circle w/ her tongue poking out. It looks pretty dorky. She tends to do this when she's concentrating which is unfortunate because it cracks us up, thus breaking her concentration.

We really need to get rid of this onesie because it doesn't fit her anymore -- hence the diaper poking out at the sides.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pictures and Movies

More pictures and movies than you can shake a stick at. If, you know, you had a stick near your computer that you could shake at it...

Another great onesie -- Def Lebird. Licensed by both Sesame Street's Big Bird and (the band) Def Leppard (based on the the album, Hysteria). Just to point out here, though, supposedly this onesie is for 18-24 month-olds. Uh-huh. I mean, it's a bit big, but she's three months old here, people.

She LOVES to practice standing. I keep telling James he needs to cut this out -- we don't need her walking at 9 months like he did.

This surprised look comprises about 40% of her facial expressions in any given day.

Here we are at the first birthday party Pippa has ever attended. Our friends' children Alex and Molly were five and one (their birthdays are a day apart). Pippa was quite a hit in her cute green party dress.

Every picture with me in it came out dorky -- so these are all here under protest.

And now for some not-so-great closeups for those of you who can't get enough pics and don't really care how good they are...

And now for the videos. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to catch her more speech-like sounds so these aren't really representative of all of the sounds she makes. The first three are very cute:
Chatting and laughing
Evil genius (look at the hands)

And the rest of these are for folks who just can't get enough... these all prove that the minute the camera comes out she becomes much more interested in the shiny camera than whatever adorable thing she was doing before. Oh well.
Kicking legs
More kicking legs
Just there
She raises her eyebrow like I do in this one -- several people have commented on this trait. What's weird, though, is she lifts the opposite brow that I do so I'm guessing it's mimicking rather than genetic.

Ofoto has all of these pics, but not the movies.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Stuff

Lots of new things going on with the Pippster. When James sings to her, she sings along -- which is absolutely the most adorable thing in the entire world. Unfortunately James refuses to let me capture this on video and post it, so you'll just have to imagine for yourselves what it's like. If we're holding her and try to sit down, she will try to stand up -- she can bear all of her weight now with just us balancing her. I hope this does not mean she'll walk early!! When we sit her up, she'll hold our hands and keep herself upright. She's reaching and grabbing for more things now, and if she gets a hold of them they go straight in the mouth (or the eye, or the ear -- the aim's not great still). I've got some other videos of her, but am having trouble getting them off the camera -- we'll try to post some more pictures this weekend.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Pippa is getting better at holding her head up for extended periods of time (this is an eternal process apparently). Here's a picture of her in an ingenious, but stupidly named, device called a Bumbo that holds her sitting up safely.

Puppies are so helpful...

Beach and Bumbo photos are now on Ofoto for purchasing, due to popular request.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pippa at the Beach

So we just got back from the annual August beach trip with some of our friends.

Pippa seemed to like being at the beach, as she would promptly fall asleep the moment we set her under a shade within earshot of the waves.

She wasn't so sure about actually being in the water, though.

Below are a few photos, and here are the rest of the photos.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Facing front in the Bjorn....

So Pippa's been showing off with her head control, so we thought we'd try putting Pippa into the baby bjorn facing forward (they need to stay back facing until their necks are strong enough to support their head consistently).

Well, she seemed to like it, and hung out that way a good portion of the afternoon while I did stuff around the house.

Just FYI-- my hair is not nearly that big-- the camera flash was causing it to look kinda 'fro-ish

this last photo was a test of our computer's camera-- that's why it looks different.

Sitting Up

Pippa has so much more head control now -- if you prop her up in a chair she can hold her head and herself up. These are the things parents live for, apparently. More pictures of this amazing feat here.

We're off to the beach for a week w/ a huge group of friends -- at any given time there will be about 10 adults and 5-6 kids (w/ a couple on the way). Chaos, but in a good way.

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