Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tattoos, Planes, and Trucks

Pippa has several obsessions these days. Tattoos are high on her list -- she constantly wants to see ours and often points out other people's. It was a sad day when she learned the word "zebra" and stopped calling them horses with tattoos (designated by a neighing sound for a horse and "ta-tu"). Today she said her first three word sentence -- "Dada Tatu Rawr". Meaning of course -- my Dada has a tatoo that is a dragon, and dragons say "Rawr". Yup, that's our girl.

Pippa also LOVES airplanes -- if she hears one all activity stops while she chants her word for airplane (ah ah) and points to the sky. Then as it disappears she says "bye-bye" and blows kisses and resumes whatever she's doing. Recently we met two of her friends Molly and Alex (and their parents) at RDU (the local airport) where they have an observation deck. You can watch planes take off, hang out with friends, and eat at the really bad cafe. Pippa was in HEAVEN -- especially since Alex and Molly are two of her favorite people. Every day we have to look at Alex and Molly's blog and pictures several times. I usually just leave their pictures up along with Lila's (another baby friend) so Pippa can see them all day long.

The truck obsession continues. The trash trucks come on Tuesdays and yesterday's nap was a no-go until I let her go out and wave at the recycling truck and blow kisses. Then she went down easily for a nap.

Rowan is doing great, but continues to be very fussy. We have her one month appointment on Friday where we'll talk about upping her acid reflux meds again. Poor kid.

Enough talk. Pictures.

our Thanksgiving turkey puts itself in the pan

Pippa is still learning how to "smile for the camera"...

look at those chubby cheeks

Pippa Plays Piano in her PJs

Pippa loves to pretend she's sleeping in her tent

it also makes a good reading corner

an exciting time at our house is watching the laundry spin

Pippa reading her new favorite book-- written, photographed and bound by a cousin of ours,
it's titled "Pippa Goes to the Farmer's Market".
Thanks, Dot!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Photos from the last week

Here are a bunch of photos from the last week or so:

Pippa in her reading chair

Rowan with Emily

Pippa with a 'big sister/little sister" doll set from Margaret in Boston

Rowan hating her first bath

Rowan sleeping after the stress of the first bath

Here are a bunch from some play time on Rowan's exercise mat-- I think Little Miss Eli enjoyed it more than Little Miss Maggie...

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So Rowan had her first Halloween and Pippa had her first Halloween where she vaguely got what was going on around her. We visited a few neighbors-- she really liked knocking on their doors: the entire time we were walking up the driveways, she was saying "knock-knock-knock-knock..." until we made it to the door where she would (very gently) knock on the door.

Dragons say "raaawwrrr"...

pumpkins are sleepy...

...and Halloween happens too late at night.

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