Thursday, April 17, 2008

6 month comparison time

Rowan had her 6 month check up yesterday.
She's doing great-- clean bill of health.

After getting her numbers, we decided to compare them to Pippa's at 6 months and were surprised at how similar (exactly the same for two) they were:


Head Circumferencemeasurementpercentile

Pippa19lbs 1oz95%
Rowan20lbs 14ozoff the charts

So, basically what this is saying: Rowan is pretty fat.
Of course we knew that.

What we hadn't realized, until our friend Brian pointed it out, is just how much Rowan looks like Harvey Keitel:

maybe this means she'll have a successful acting career?
I shudder to think about drawing any other comparisons with Harvey or the characters he has played....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rowan Maggie- 6 months old

Rowan turned six months old this past week.

We have her 6 mos check up this coming week, so we'll have official numbers then, but according to our scale and tape measure, Rowan is a whopping 21 pounds heavy and is nearly 26 inches tall.

As you can see from the photos, she can stay sitting up all by herself now, and she's having lots of fun being in this new position. She loves playing with her sister. Pippa is turning into a really great older sister, too.

We put Rowan into the pack and play so she had a soft place to sit while we did kitchen work. Pippa thought it looked like fun and asked to be put in with her.

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