Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year's and Silliness

This was the spectacular paella James cooked for New Year's Eve -- this year w/ lobster instead of shrimp because it's $3.99 a pound currently :) - gotta support our local fisher-folk, don'tcha know!

Ruffin and Jeremy (or Auntie Knees and Unca Monkey as they're known around here) made the trek up for the festivities. A night of paella and Killer Bunnies which made Emily very happy.

I know. We've got a lot of snow pictures already. But, truly, we've got a lot of snow and there's not a whole lot else going on around here. Rowan is sporting new snowpants, tho.

This is actually Rowan's new hat, but it's been a hit with everyone.

Whenever anyone wears it they roar like a bear - as Pippa is demonstrating w/ excellent bear claws. See Rowan also showing her bear-like qualities in the back.

Rowan has become a bit confused about this, and now roars like a bear whenever she has any hat on.

Quite possibly the silliest photo of all times -- Rowan is wearing two oven mitts and pretending to be a lobster. She "gets" people with her lobster claws. The item on her head is not a hat, but a tea cozy. The spectacle is made even sillier because she's started 'getting' things as well as people -- including the refrigerator, the stove, and her favorite, the dishwasher. She attacks them with her claws, laughs loudly, then does it again. She has really developed a lot of personality in the past few weeks and daily lives up to her Scamp nickname.

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