Monday, August 31, 2009


Continuing with the tradition of posting old photos long after they were taken, back in June we decided it was time to get Pippa's hair cut for the first time.

It had gotten down past her waist if you stretched the curls out.

before she went to 'Mama's hair place'


after (side view)

and more after (back view)

Rowan decided she wanted a photo of the back of her head too.

Here they are smiling

and here they are with their prettiest faces

Rowan decided she really wanted to eat the lemon I was cooking with.
She seemed to really like it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gramp and a Bates Visit

Here are a few more photos from earlier in the Spring (Early June)

Visiting my Gramp - the girls call him "GG" for Great Grampy.

At Bates, feeding the ducks near the Puddle.

A rare family portrait, overlooking the Puddle.

Rowan and Pippa feeding the ducks, at the Puddle. Look at how dry they are.

Rowan, 30 seconds after falling into the Puddle. James was literally 10 inches from her. She's uncanny that way. We don't call her Destructo Baby for nothin'.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pippa's Birthday

So, we've got a couple of months of catching up to do. Here are some photos from Pippa's 3rd birthday party (which was back in May-- so these photos are pretty old at this point...). We had a bunch of our friends over and had a backyard party w/ lots of good food.

Pippa anticipating the birthday cake.

The cake was her request -- strawberry cheesecake, made from scratch by James.

Rowan boogies down by the garden.

Thank goodness someone is watching our kids, cuz clearly we're not.

Pippa's actual birthday morning, what better way to celebrate than a birthday blueberry pancake.

Her "big" gift from us - her first bike. It's a 'like-a-bike' knock-off -- no pedals so they learn to balance and learn pedaling later. She's gotten pretty good at it.

We were headed to the river, so the girls are sporting their swim tops and shoes.

Diddle diddle dumpling...

We'll try to get more up soon so we get caught up.

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