Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanksgiving... finally

We're trying to get caught up, so only a few pics from Turkey Day will make it today. You can see the rest here, along with pics from many of the previous posts.

Pippa loves her Uncle Bill

We had enough food for about 12... we had four. Yum.

Midge and Bill really wanting to eat, but being polite for photos.

Pippa wasn't allowed any of our food, but had her own yummy dinner of barley and prune juice and sweet potato.

Yup, she's starting to stand up on her own -- she can only get up with help, but I know some day soon we'll go in and see her standing in her crib.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A few pippa videos...

So, Emily and I haven't been real good about keeping things updated...
but here are a few videos of the Sugar Plum Fairy for your enjoyment:

Pippa giving us instructions for how to make her breakfast.

Pippa taking advantage of Mid-December upper 60 degree weather to take her first ride down a slide.

Pippa and Emily having fun.

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