Monday, February 20, 2006

She's healthy -- and still BIG

James left me to fill in the other details from the appointment. The reason we had the sonogram was to check on the CPCs (see the post way back in week 18 titled "It's a Girl") -- as expected, they resolved themselves, and she got a clean bill of health! CPCs are gone, everything else looks great. One of the biggest indicators for problems would be if the baby were too small --No worries there-- she's HUGE. 93rd percentile -- the doctor says that could even out over the next several weeks. Let's hope so! A twelve pound behemoth doesn't sound like too much fun.... She now weighs about 2 lbs 13 oz ("average" is just over 2 lbs at the end of this week). We also found out she's flipped to head-down, feet-up. The exam was really neat -- we saw her swallowing the amniotic fluid (this is what they do to pass the time, I guess) which was cool to watch. She kicked a lot during the exam -- so hard she surprised the sonographer who commented on how strong she is. Much happiness.

more of those crazy 3-d ultrasounds...

We had our week 27 ultrasound-- everything is going great!

As part of the appointment, they took some more 3d views-- she's now too big to see all at once, so these are all just face-shots. Her face is really filling out now, compared to the last ones of these we posted almost 9 weeks ago.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympics - Skeleton Racing

I love watching the Olympics, but I really hate how the networks cover it. Too many sob stories, too much choppy coverage (I couldn't stay up until 11 pm waiting for the final results even when I wasn't pregnant -- last night I made it until 9:05).

But, like I said, the Olympics rule. Last night was women's skeleton (who came up w/ that name?**) -- which is like luge but it's headfirst. The woman who placed fourth was 2 months pregnant. That bears repeating -- 2 months pregnant. I haven't recovered from that factoid yet -- when I was 2 months pregnant I was nauseous all the time, having these weird mini fainting spells, and plenty tired. I CANNOT IMAGINE jumping on my stomach and going 75 miles/hour head-first down an icy curvy track on a little sled w/ no brakes experiencing the symptoms of being 2 months pregnant. Crazy. Article about her here.

Another note about the skeleton racing -- James keeps saying how much he'd love to try that sport . I'm not so sure -- I think he'd try it a couple of times and decide there aren't enough gadgets involved to keep him interested :)

** OK, I'm a Reference Librarian, I had to find out. Turns out skeleton is the oldest sledding event -- it was invented in 1884 in Switzerland. It didn't make it into the Olympics permanently until 2002 (why did it take so long for them to figure out how cool it was??). The name comes from the sled -- which was originally a stripped-down frame, like a skeleton.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Third Trimester

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. This is the first week of my third trimester -- I've got about 14 1/2 weeks to go which seems SO quick to me. Fun facts about the Tadpole -- she's about 2 pounds and about 15" long from top of head to toes. Her eyelids have been formed since the 12th week and will open this week -- all the parts of the eye are fully formed now. She starts to recognize our voices this week :)

Things we still have to do -- get pediatrician, put fan in nursery, register for baby shower, get chest freezer, get car seat installed by firefighters, go to all the baby classes, and I'm sure there's lots more but pregnancy brain is a permanent condition w/ me now :) I'm sure it'll all get done in-time, and if it doesn't, oh well -- luckily the most important thing is the car seat which we've got thanks to Byron and Masha!

Oh yeah, it turns out it wasn't a UTI after all so I can stop taking antibiotics (yay!) -- they don't know what it was but we go in next week for another ultrasound (a follow up for the cysts in her head) and as long as it doesn't get worse or more frequent we can wait until then. Good times.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Various Ailments

Oscar has an ear infection and has these weird ear drops; Cabar has an allergy and is now on some New Age vitamin supplement with things like fish oils, borage seed oil, and safflower oil; and I have a urinary tract infection and start antibiotics today. Did you know that urinary tract infections, left untreated, can cause premature labor? Fun fact for the day. Luckily that won't happen in this case. Now for some good news - I don't work this weekend, the daffodils in our backyard are blooming and so is the camellia flower tree, and the Tadpole's kicking away as I write. Last night she kicked way down low and way up high at the same time -- it's crazy how long she is!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Week 25 Belly

So here are some photos of Emily at week 25-- the belly just keeps getting larger...

And here are Cabar and Oscar hanging out in front of the fireplace
(with the new gas logs)

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