Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rowan learns to wave!

This weekend saw another milestone event in addition to Pippa's 2nd birthday: Rowan now waves at people!

We haven't yet caught this on video or on film.
We do however have this video from a week ago demonstrating what it looked like before Rowan learned how to wave.

We'll try to capture an 'after' video soon.

Pippa turns 2

Here are a few photos from Pippa's birthday, her birthday party, and a night on the town later in the weekend.

mmmmm Cake!

photo and caption from Jen: "...they kind of look like 2 year old sorority girls..."

running on the field after dinner out

Not related to her birthday, but cute nonetheless. When pippa is done eating, she flops her Elmo bib over her head and loudly proclaims "Elmo hat!" and waits for us to admire her sartorial splendor.

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