Monday, May 22, 2006


Just in case you were wondering, I'm still pregnant :(

Yesterday, after an hour long hike thru Eno River State Park (yup, trying to shake this child out), we're standing in CVS waiting to check out. My shirt is dirty (I'd climbed out on a big tree limb over the water), I was sweaty, my hair was a wreck from getting caught in trees, etc, by this point my legs had swollen out over the edge of my socks and shoes, my belly is HUGE and the shirt I'm wearing just barely (maybe) covers it. The point here is I'm DEFINITELY not looking my best, or even halfway close to mediocre. There's a couple in front of us, obviously just coming out of church -- the man had a suit and hat on, the woman had a fancy blue dress dripping w/ beads and shoes to match. He'd been smiling at us for some time, and we'd been smiling back. He turned to James and said "there's nothing prettier than a woman who is pregnant". I swear, my mouth just dropped open as I pictured how I looked at that exact moment. I mean, was he blind? Nope, I guess just very nice. I sort of stammered thanks, and they wanted to know when I was due. When I told them I was due that day the woman looked horrified and started to back away, saying "Lord Jesus" a couple times, as if I was going to have this child right then and there. On our way out, he starts telling us all about the evils of pacifiers and that we should never use one -- that what children really need is love. I assure him that we'll "be careful" about that, feeling the need to nod my head a few times. When we left the store I just burst out laughing -- definitely one of the weirder encounters while pregnant.

I think you look beautiful too, Em!!!! I'm thinking of you.

Actually, the top picture from Duke Gardens is oen of my favorite pictures from your blog. I know you are dying to get that baby out, but you do look great - no matter how you feel you look!
Our pediatrician actually said that we should put Jackson to bed w/ a pacifier.. research shows it reduces SIDS risk.. Ehhh

The best advice we have gotten so far is that "you are the parents, your decisions will be correct for your child." You can listen to the advice and use what seems right for you.

Good luck!

Dave S.
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