Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where my peeps at?

Happy Easter, everyone.
We dressed Rowan up in her Easter onesie (formerly Pippa's Easter onesie) for a couple photos (thanks, Jen!).

In other news, Rowan learned how to roll over yesterday.
Also, Rowan, as mentioned before, is quite fat. So to show both things we present the following vid:

Pippa has a real thing for birds, owls in particular (in a bird book we have, she can pick out more birds than either Emily or I: wren, cormorant, bufflehead, pintail, crow, snowy owl, barn owl, elf owl, pigmy owl, screech owl, horned owl, etc). She's decided to commemorate her love for owls with her own musical tribute:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Updates and some Videos

So it's been another long while since we posted.
Here are some updates:

Emily's back is still pretty bad, but she does seem to finally be making some progress.

The last 3 days, I've been pretty sick with what seems to have been the flu- I had a flushot, but according to the press, the strains of flu are different than what the shot covered. That said, I was pretty sick, but a 3 day bout of flu is shorter than average, so the shot probably gave some cross-protection from whatever strain I had.

Pippa is really excited by the alphabet ("Aye-Bee, Aye-Bee")and can recognize and name all the letters now, rarely making an error. (I'll get this on video soon.) She's also getting taller, but staying the same weight, so she's pretty much a lollipop (big head, stick body).

Rowan is 5 months old and is humongous-- she has even more rolls and creases than Pippa did at this age. At her 4 month check up, she was 18lbs 5oz (which was off the charts for a 4 or 5 month old), so she's probably close to 20 pounds at this point. She's also just hit 26 inches, which means we have to move her out of her carseat/carrier to a rearfacing convertible carseat.

On to the vids:

Here is Pippa showing off some dance moves. When you see Rowan, please believe us that she is not normally this aloof or lethargic. She was pretty worn out from playing by the time this vid was shot. (I think this was shot on Thursday while I was lying in bed moaning with a fever).

After 3 days of knocking on death's door, I woke up this morning feeling pretty energetic, with nothing other than a sore throat to complain about. So I decided to take my little helper out to deal with some leaves that I had neglected to rake in the fall (remind me again-- what was taking up lots of time last October?).

We decided to give Rowan her first solid foods tonight (Pippa tried solids right at 5 months too). Here is some footage of Rowan sampling, for the first time, the taste sensation known as rice cereal. Once she figured out what the stuff was, she actually seemed to like it as evidenced by the anticipatory shaking when she sees the spoon getting near her. Not to be outdone, Pippa shows off her mad eating skills by tackling some spinach casserole barehanded.

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