Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins, Arguing, French

Masha, Byron, Carlos and Elena visited us this past week, and we went to the farmer's market to pick pumpkins for carving. Carlos was rocking these great sunglasses.

Rowan gets in on the pumpkin patch action by trying to claim all the pumpkins for herself.

Pippa and Carlos were absolutely adorable playing together all week. They rarely fought and had the BEST time. Unfortunately, I didn't get any videos of that. I did get one of their rare arguments. Here, they argue the vitally important question of whether a fire engine says "whooo-whooo" or "beep beep". They then move on to the thorny issue of whether the bird in question is a duck or a chick (it was actually a gosling) and what said bird would then sound like. Margaret is the first referee, I'm the second.

Pippa's preschool has weekly French lessons. I was reading Rowan an abc book when Pippa piped in that she wanted to sing the abc's in French. She then launched into this rendition. Notice that the only thing that makes this French is the lower tone and the ridiculously pursed lips. I could barely hold the camera I was laughing so hard.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


We've had a pile of company this past week (thanks for visiting, everyone!) and I've gotten a few pics loaded already.

All the kids loved standing on these stools and peeking out the living room windows. Here are Iris and Pippa.

And Iris and Trevor

Another popular activity was emptying the 'kid cup' drawer. Repeatedly.

Since Rowan is now one, we can turn her seat around. She knows how to roll.

Pippa, Iris, and me at the 'bog walk' in Orono. It's a two mile boardwalk walk through a peat bog -- it's gorgeous.

Pitcher plants

Bog cotton

Iris, Rowan, and Pippa. It's impossible to get a picture of three energy-filled kids (even after a 2 mile walk) and have the all on the bench, and looking good. I think Trevor was asleep in the stroller at this point.

The two Yahoos

Here are a few old videos. Here's Pippa, singing Old MacDonald... or Mic-Old-Donald as it's known in our house.

Rowan pulls up and plays with James' phone, and Pippa tries to steal the limelight.

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Rowan had her first year appointment this past week. She's doing great. She was 24.5 pounds (93rd percentile), her head was 18.25 inches around (75th percentile), and her height was 32 inches (over 100th percentile!!!). We're psyched her weight is still on the bell curve, but surprised by how tall she is. This explains why she fits into her sister's clothes :) They've scheduled a speech/OT/audiology evaluation just to make sure her mouth is working properly -- tho everything points to it being normal at this point. It's more just to make sure we're not missing anything.

She is still pulling up and cruising on everything. The day before her birthday she learned how to climb stairs, and then on her birthday she took four steps on her own. Since then she's taken a few steps here and there, but isn't really trying to walk yet. She says several words now -- Mama, Dada, bye-bye, hi, dog, binky, button (this was actually one of her first words, which surprised me because it's so random), boo (as in peekaboo), more (w/ the sign language sign), book, and every now and then says Pippa. She also does sign language for milk. When we ask her what a snake or an elephant says she makes the right sound, but doesn't know any other animals yet. C'mon, those are the two most useful ones, right?

Rowan would rather climb the bookshelves than read the books (vs Pippa, who always wants to read, and always has), she loves to dance and play drums and piano (the girls have their own band now -- the Jackson Sanborn Sisters), she can catch a ball and roll it back, she plays peekaboo by covering her head w/ a cloth or covering her eyes w/ her fat hands (tho her timing is still a bit off because she says the 'boo' part while her eyes are still covered), she loves to clap and play finger games (patty cake, etc), and can give a mean high-five. When we play 'chase' with her, she's more apt to turn around and chase us instead :)

Here is Rowan after she was born, and shortly after her second surgery.

And here she is now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rowan's Birthday

So, Rowan turned one this weekend. And Rowan loves meat. I mean, really really loves meat. I was going to make her a meat cupcake for her birthday party, until James hit upon the cheesecake idea. Which he made from scratch, and then took more pics of it than the kids... so here it is in its full glory....

Rowan really, really, really just wants the cheesecake, already.

Rowan with her two grandmothers. Note how she's eyeing her grandmama's hair -- 2 seconds later she got a huge hunk of it and poor Midge was covered in blueberry cheesecake. Sadly, I did not capture this on film.

Rowan showing Grampy how old she is. Just in case anyone forgets.

Midge and Charlie relaxing on the back porch where we had the party. It was unnaturally warm out (mid-60s, in October!). I told Rowan this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime birthday location for her.


The birthday girl opens Pippa's present (a choo-choo train), which Pippa immediately commandeered and wouldn't let anyone else play with.

Rowan and her Uncle Bill

Friday, October 10, 2008

Evan Williams and Different Boats

Rowan turns one tomorrow. It's amazing that it's only been a year :) Here are some pics I snapped today.

I swear that drinking age gets younger and younger...

The girls were playing in laundry baskets (or 'boats' according to Pippa). They were each in their own when I grabbed the camera, but by the time I got it turned on Pippa had hopped into Rowan's and was giving her 'snuggles'. What's great about these next few photos is that they were snapped one after the other -- but look how quickly they moved around :) Typical day in the life of...

In between this photo, and the last one, Pippa had gotten out and back into her 'boat'.

Pippa is now behind the camera, demanding that I show her photos of herself.

She needs a haircut!

We took this one the other day, but it was so funny. Both girls playing on their 'cell phones', both looking like they're texting away. By the time they're teenagers w/ their own phones, there probably won't even be text messaging anymore.

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