Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crazy Chichi Stroller

So, we got a new stroller on Ebay today. We'd gone stroller shopping last weekend and tried out a ton -- we had very specific requirements (handle extensions, small'ish and light, folds up small, takes an infant car seat, etc) and not many fit the bill. Lucky for us the ultra hip designer $300 Peg Perego Pliko was perfect -- not only w/ a crazy expensive price tag but it's what all the hip urbanites get to push their babies in (pictured at left) . So, Ebay saved the day, and a huge amount of money. For those of you not having babies in this decade 'baby stuff' is the biggest racket on the planet -- designer everything, you're not supposed to get big-ticket items used (?!), and stores try to sell you stuff you don't need and that can be downright dangerous (don't even get me started on crib bumpers and quilts and SIDS). Thank goodness for Ebay, consignment (thanks Sheri and Bryan), and friends willing to lend us stuff :)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving photos

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Emily in the kitchen

Emily's Belly in the kitchen

Mom in the kitchen

Oscar chilling out

Midge, James, Emily, Bill

a whole bunch of food

a whole bunch of pie

James, Emily, Ginna, Midge, Bill, Ruffin, Ned, Jeremy (and a couple of dogs)

(double-click the photos for larger versions)

The Tadpole

So here are a few photos you've all probably seen--
an old traditional style ultrasound from week 14 of the tadpole:

and here is a funky newfangled 3d sonogram:

and finally, here is a photo of Emily's belly, inside of which all this is happening:

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