Monday, June 23, 2008

New News! (and a recap of old news)

OLD NEWS: As most of you all know, I've accepted a new job in Maine.

I'm going to be the Executive Director for Maine InfoNet:
Here's the announcement that came out today.

We'll be moving to Maine during the first week in August.

Our house in Durham went on the market last week, and so far we've had a few showings so wish us luck!

And now for the

Last week I went up to Bangor and Orono to look for a house-- after visiting 13 or 14 different possibilities, we put in an offer that, after some negotiation was accepted!

Here's the house:

Wait, that's not the house...

Here are some pics of the house we'll be buying. The original portion (front) of the house was built in 1834. There are two additions to the back of the house, which make it much bigger than it appears from the road. The location and the side porch really were the deal sealers.

The house is located in downtown Orono, about a mile and a half away from where the Maine InfoNet offices will be, on the U Maine campus. We're about a block or so from the restaurants and shops in downtown Orono, and probably 2 1/2 hours (in different directions) from both my family and Emily's parent's summer home.

There are a few more pics, including some photos of the inside, here.

We will have tons of room, so this is a standing invite to friends and family to come and visit.

Orono is a neat small town, and we're about 45 miles from Acadia National Park and 2+ hours from some really top-notch whitewater paddling, so we could be a great jumping off/middle point for a Maine Vacation....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First Day of 'School'

Pippa started a "parents' morning out" program today that we call her 'school'. So, here is a picture on her first day of school.

I dropped her off and she immediately ran off to play while I talked with her teachers, then I told her I was leaving. No response, just playing. I told her again. No response. Finally I had to get right down near her and say I was going -- she looked right at me, said "bye-bye" in a very bored tone, and tore off to play with something else. When I picked her up, she was running up a piece of playground equipment and sliding down the slide by herself (something she refuses to do with us at the playground). I had to chase her around the playground to get her to come with me, and then she kept shrieking "No! No!" as I hauled her to the stroller. Oh yeah, I felt loved :)

When she got home, she told me quite a lot about her first day. Apparently she rode a bicycle of some kind, played with a big red car, went through/under a tunnel that was in the classroom (not on the playground), and went down a green slide about a million times. A girl in her class pushed her and it hurt. She ate some sort of round pretzels for snack that were "big". A full first day.

I didn't get any good pictures of Rowan today because she was sick and not at her most photogenic. Hopefully tomorrow...

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