Saturday, April 25, 2009

William Webster Jackson, March 2, 1948 to March 17, 2009

As most of you already know, dad died on St. Patrick's Day. His cancer was an aggressive, untreatable kind and he died just over 2 months after he was diagnosed. He never recovered from the effects of a post-biopsy brain hemorrhage, but up until the end was able to smile and laugh a little bit, and was able to die at home surrounded by family which is what he wanted. We miss him more than words can possibly express. His obituary is in the Portland Press Herald among other places. The memorial service will be in Peabody, MA at Brooksby Village at 1:30 on May 2nd -- feel free to email me for details and directions if you want to attend.

One of Dad's favorite photos and days - his birthday last year when he turned 60. He had all his grandchildren with him and nothing made him happier.

One of Dad's favorite activities - he loved fishing and tying flies.

This is just such a typical Dad moment - he and James were testing the video feature of our first digital camera 8 years ago. This is why we miss him.

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