Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Photo time

So everyone in the house has colds-- it's not fun.

But here are some photos from before we got the colds
(sorry for the lack of captions-- my ability to compose thoughts is adversely affected by my afforementioned clogged sinuses):

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rowan Smiles, Pippa Tapdances and 'RuvRuvRuvs' you...

Rowan has been smiling for a while now, and I finally caught some on video-- not the best smiles she's produced, but it should give you an idea...

Pippa has really gotten into watching tapdance videos and dancing right along-- here she is in two vids dancing along with Riverdance clips on youtube:

And Pippa finally says "I love you!" (sort of...) (although not as 'sort of' as Pippa's friend Molly saying I love you.)

Thanksgiving Time Photos

So here are some photos from around Thanksgiving time:

My Mom with Rowan

Rowan Maggie sleeping (a far less common occurrence than it was for Pippa)

Pippa Reading

At the Thanksgiving day table
This year Pippa got to sit at the table, rather than...

... on the floor with Rowan.

Me, Mom, and Mags

Bill (Buh! in Pippa speak) with Pippa

Pippa with a real (stuffed) Maine Lobster!

Bill with Rowan

Rowan being held by her cousin Rian at their grandparents' house

Pippa reading with Grampy

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