Monday, May 08, 2006


Weight gained: 40 pounds
Pairs of shoes that still fit: 2
Pippa's due date: May 21, 2006
Times she gets hiccups a day: 3 (like clockwork)
Circumference of my belly: 45" as of 2 weeks ago (probably more now)
Times we had to tell Oscar to stop eating Pippa's stuffed Piglet: 3 (he just goes and visits it now without chewing)
Baby classes we took: 6
Bags packed for the hospital: 2 (one for Pippa and me, one for James)
Food cravings I've had: 0
People who have said how huge I am (in more or less polite wording): too many to count
Times she's "dropped": 2

Lol!!!!! If I ever get pregnant again, I'm going to have a blog and open each posting just like this - what a riot! I may even get business cards with the url on it to hand to people in response to the questions ....

I gained 40lbs with Carlos :-). Peerrrrfect.
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