Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Almost a Month of Updates

Wow, I can't believe a month has gone by. I'll try and be quick. Halloween was good, Pippa was a bee (hence a new nickname, Pippabee).

A friend sent me this silly song, Giant Bee, which is also an apt description of our Big Strong Baby.

Then we took a whirlwind trip to New England. We got to see lots of relatives, but unfortunately couldn't see everyone (sorry Uncle Chet, Aunt Lisa and the kids, and all of James's aunts, uncles, and cousins!!). We're hoping to head back in the spring and see more folks then. We were worried Pippa would have ear pressure problems with the takeoff and landing... not our Pipster. She particularly enjoyed looking out the window.

In Boston at James's conference (the reason we were going) the hotel was the Fairmont Copley Plaza. A very fancy, 4 star hotel. Here's Pippa sitting in the lap of luxury. The hotel was great -- they brought up a portable crib for her, and a rubber duckie for her bath :)

Somehow, because apparently I'm an idiot, we didn't get any pictures of Carlos, Margaret and Byron who we saw while in Boston. Pretend there are many cute pictures of them here...

Then we stayed with my grandparents where Pippa was the hit of the dining room. The second night we were seated near the entrance and I think about 50 people came up to meet her.

Pippa adores her GG.

And her Great Grammy.

We also stayed with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Barry, who we didn't see because he was in the hospital :( Their new house is absolutely amazing.We got to see my cousins Annie and Laura who we haven't seen in years. Here Pippa is enjoying her cousin Annie.

Pippa with her cousin Laura. Unfortunately Nathaniel was at college -- but we thought about him a lot :) And, again because I'm an idiot, I managed not to get any pictures with Aunt Sue, so pretend there's a beautiful shot of the two of them here.... Doh!

We also stayed in Maine for a day and night -- here we're in James's brother Bill's new apartment. Pippa LOVES Bill.

Here's James's mom Midge with her friend Charlie.

And a nice shot of the apartment's kitchen. Oh, and James.

Sadly, while we were on the trip Pippa picked up a nasty virus that started out as a cold, but when we got home developed into something much more scary. She was diagnosed with RSV that caused bronchiolitis. Her breathing had to be monitored (to make sure she actually was), and they sent us home with a nebulizer that vaporizes her medication. Unfortunately, the medication was then delivered via a mask like an oxygen mask, which she HATED. Lots of crying, and wailing, and did I mention crying? Then, I saw the light -- the TV light of football, which thank God plays on ESPN Classic almost continuously. Pippa LOVES football. So, nebulizing time was football time and there was no more crying. Eventually, she got over it, and now is breathing fine and is feeling MUCH better. Phew. Thanksgiving will be another later post.

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