Saturday, February 24, 2007

A whole bunch of movies...

For a whole album of new Pippa movies, click below:

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Today, Pippa started this thing where she throws her hands up in the air and smiles really big. We're not sure where she got this from, but our job is then to yell "Yay!" really loud. Jamie, her babysitter, calls it "The Pippa Show". Unfortunately, the pics we have of this new game show her covered in carrots -- so bear with us. She loves carrots and they tend to be messy in the excitement of it all.

After the initial "yay", she keeps her arms hanging out up there for a while. Just likes the way it feels, I guess.

Here's the rare one-handed version.

Valentine's Day

Pippa got her first Valentine's Day card from her Great Grammy and Gramp. She LOVED it. She kept excitedly waving the card around which is why all of these pictures are a bit fuzzy.

Here's a video of her playing with her card. Rest assured that we dried the card out and it's now in her 'memory box'.


Pippa learns tricks from the dogs. First, she rips a sock off.

Next, she puts it into her mouth and then proceeds to do other things. Like pretend she can crawl (she can't). Or play with toys.


Sadly, the Patriots weren't in the Super Bowl. However, we were able to take advantage of cheap Patriots merchandise on eBay and get Pippa a Tom Brady replica jersey. We got a 2T thinking this would ensure use next season -- as you can see from the photos now we're not so sure...

Finally, here's a cute picture with Alex the night of the Super Bowl. I love how Pippa looks like some enormous giant baby on this five year old's lap.

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