Friday, December 26, 2008

Too Many Christmas Videos and Photos

Pippa decided (w/ strong encouragement by Dada) that she needed to leave Christmas pudding and bourbon for Santa. Here's the preparation...

And here is the leaving...

Here are Rowan and Pippa first thing Xmas morning.

Here is Pippa trying out her Christmas sled, straight from Santa's workshop -- he does wonders with plastics these days.

Rowan with her stocking

James in the Christmas spirit delivering his brother's stocking (Bill forgot his real one at home, but luckily had some boot socks)

Pippa with her stocking

Rowan sitting on the change bank "piggie"

James wearing the Christmas stocking I knit for him ages ago

Rowan talking on the phone which was Pippa's gift to her.

Pippa wearing her very first watch - from Auntie Sheri, Uncle Bryan, cousins Rian and Deven.

Everyone except for Uncle Bill who always manages to not be photographed, and Rowan who is probably off destroying something

Pippa opening her sled

The girls at the table and chairs Santa brought Rowan

The Christmas pudding James and the girls made from Little Gram's recipe

James dressed up as Frosty. We haven't made a snowman yet, but we will after the next snowfall.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008


We got some snow today. About 14" on top of the remaining 4" or so we already had; the drifts are thigh high in places; the snowbanks are taller than our truck. It took James 3 hours to shovel us out, and that was with some very nice neighbors coming over to help.

Lots more snow pics here.

Open House

We had a big Open House this past weekend for friends, neighbors and coworkers. I took some pictures before the party because folks 'from away' have been asking for pics of the house.

My Mom in the living room, by the fireplace

The living room looking into the dining room.

The living room looking into the kitchen.

The living room fireplace (the kitchen door to the right).

The tree in the living room, looking into the front hall (it's a big living room).

The woodstove in the kitchen, w/ my Dad and Rowan.

The kitchen.

More kitchen.

More kitchen, looking into the backyard.

The dining room (set up for the party) and second Xmas tree.

The dining room fireplace; James letting guests in the front door.

More dining room.

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