Monday, January 30, 2006

Bronchitis :(

Well, that cold turned into bronchitis, but I'm actually beginning to feel much better. Went for a walk today which was nice -- first time I've been out for a while. Have a check-up appointment tomorrow; I'm in my 25th week.

photos from Bryan, Sheri & Rian's visit

A few weekends back, we had a very nice visit from Bryan, Sheri, Rian, and their new puppy, Ruby. Here are a few (belatedly posted) photos:

Emily with Cabar, Oscar & Ruby

more of the 3 dogs

and the whole family

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dogs and Colds

We had our first baby class on Tuesday -- "Baby Meets Bowser" -- all about having dogs w/ an infant/toddler. I didn't think we'd get anything too useful out of the class, but it was actually really good. The biggest thing is to get the dogs whipped into shape obedience-wise -- have them sit super quickly when told, come quickly when told, good leash behaviors (we're teaching them both to heel, finally), etc. I'm sure there was more good info but I can't remember much about the class because....

I have another cold. I had almost a week of non-sick-bliss and then got slammed w/ this one on Sunday and have been lying on the couch ever since. It's a completely different cold than the previous one -- and lucky James gets to share in its loveliness as well. Bleh. I'm hoping this is the last day of it because I think I'm feeling a bit better -- tho that might just be the sudafed talking. The good thing is it hasn't slowed down the Tadpole AT ALL -- what had been gentle kicking has turned into kick-boxing. It's quite a show she puts on -- looks like some alien form is trying to get out of my stomach, never mind what it feels like on the inside. Crazy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Xmas photos- Better late than never

Well, we don't have a lot of photos from this trip, but here they are:

with Emily's parents

Margaret, Carlos (8 mos.) & Byron

Carlos closeup

Bill and his dad rockin' their new hats

Dinner with Emily's parents and grandparents

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've been very bummed that I haven't felt the baby kick yet -- some are able to as early as 16 weeks, and most by 20 -- I'm in week 22. Last night, right before bed, I felt strange little twitches in my abdomen -- like muscle spasms but in really localized areas -- and wondered if this was her kicking. I'd just had orange juice, which they say usually bring on kicking spells (in fact, later on in the third trimester if you haven't felt the kid kick for a long time, before you call the nurse and panic you're supposed to drink OJ and wait 30 min- something to do with the glucose...). So tonight, I'm sitting on the couch w/ my hand on my belly cuz I'm cold and I feel my fingers move - it was really weird because I couldn't feel anything on the inside but the outside was jumping around. James came over and felt it too. It looked like something was poking me w/ a twig on the inside. It was very very cool. At least, I hope it was her kicking and not some bizarre stomach bug or something :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Regular Checkup -- she's a big 'un

Last Tuesday we had another regular check-up appointment at the clinic. I got a vicious cold right after New Year's Eve, and was still suffering from it at the appointment (and am still suffering now, sadly). I got the good news that pregnant people can take almost no cold medicine -- at least not stuff that works :( Other than the cold, I got a clean bill of health. The doctor was measuring my growth and decided that I was almost 3 weeks ahead in big'ness -- as he wittily put it "you've got a chubby one in there!". Excellent. Just what an expectant mother wants to hear -- so I'm apparently blessed w/ some kind of giant baby and oh, yeah, I'm looking forward to that labor. I've been joking that I'll take up smoking to keep that birth rate down (never mind that I'm hideously allergic to cigarette smoke), but seriously if I'm growing some 12-lb giant giantess I may need to take some drastic actions. Darn the Jackson side of the family -- you and your 7' tall genes :)

Holiday Travel

It's been forever since we posted. We travelled to Maine for the holidays -- for probably the last time. My parents are moving to Canada (ok, not really, but close enough) and NC and at this time James's family doesn't have a place for us to stay. In any event, we had a great visit! Thanks everyone for all the Xmas presents -- we got lots of great stuff (I'll start working on those thank-you notes today). Margaret and Byron gave us LOADS of cool baby stuff and the family had presents for the tadpole, too (including a stuffed frog), so she made out like a bandit. We drove straight-through on the return trip -- which was hard on the puppies and on us but it'll be the last time we can do that (I'm pretty sure infants won't sit in the car for 16 hours). James says he'll post some holiday pictures soon -- but he's got to prepare for his Monday interview first (for this job ), then get the web camera Bry gave us for Xmas set up -- so don't hold your breath waiting.

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