Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Pippa took her first steps on her own tonight. Before this, we'd get her to stand up and hold onto us, and then we'd quickly take our hands away so she was standing on her own. If we were lucky, she'd take a few steps. For the past couple of days she's been experimenting with standing up from sitting down and maybe get a step in before going down. Tonight, she was across the room from me standing at a chair and very consciously let go and started walking towards me -- about 7-8 steps before hitting the deck. We're getting there!

In other news, she's been a complete pill to change -- either diapers or clothes. When we put her on the changing table she cries and kicks and tries to hurl herself off. Very difficult, especially w/ dirty diapers :( So I had the brain wave to give her a book during changing time a few days ago. Not only does it occupy her while we do what needs to be done, but now the second we put her on the changing table she yells "Book" (well, "BUH!") repeatedly and if the demand is not met soon enough she cries. It's much easier to change her now.


Monday, July 16, 2007

grainy cell phone (cutest) video (ever!)

So we got new cell phones and they have a grainy little cell phone video camera--
Here is one of the cutest videos ever recorded (at least I think so)


Friday, July 13, 2007

Pippa Stands and Dances and (sorta) walks!

So we've been really lax in updating the blog-- not that we've been busy or anything...

So here are some new photos and vids.

Pippa standing on her own, very proud of herself.

Pippa doing her 'sparkle fingers' dance while standing on her own.

Pippa Dances!

Pippa doing her dramatic/emo dancing in the 'spotlight' from our window--
she LOVES Billy Idol!

And here she is with her newest trick-- walking while only holding on to one of our hands...

Here are some more.


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