Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hopefully Bigger Than Pippa

Friends of ours that James works with had their baby yesterday. She was almost 2 weeks overdue, and her baby was 'running big' the way Pippa is -- their last sonogram measurement put him at the high 9 lb range. Apparently they recommend C-sections for anything over 9 1/2 lbs, but the sonograms can be wildly inaccurate... off by as much as a pound either way. So, they decided to have a scheduled C-section yesterday. Their baby was... wait for it... 10 LBS 15 OZ!!!! He's healthy, and very cute, and very big!! Hopefully Pippa won't be that big, because I'd really rather not have a C-section... on the other hand, whatever happens happens :) We have a clinic appointment tomorrow so can see if she's slowed down in growth at all. According to our baby books, she'll continue to gain at least a half pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baby Registries

For those friends and family who have asked, we're registered in two places. One is at, click the Baby Registry link at the top and search for either James or me and you'll find us. The other place is at Babies 'R Us at, click the Baby Registry link at the top and search for us again. Please keep the gift receipt and include it -- just in case someone buys something in the store off our registry and doesn't take it off the list so we get doubles.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back by popular demand...

... Belly Photos!
31 weeks down

9 to go
(Emily's guessing it won't be that long...)

Brackets, Casseroles, Brunch

This weekend has been devoted to the NCAA play-offs. On Thursday, I was winning with my bracket; through mid-afternoon on Friday I was still first. Then, it turned ugly. I mean, really, Northwestern State?? George Mason over UNC?? What is this world coming to. In my pool I'm tied for fourth and don't see that improving much. James had Kansas going all the way in one of his pools (I know, we're not sure what he was thinking either; needless to say he's in next to last place -- at least if he can take over last he gets his $5 back). In the other pool he's got BC going all the way -- that pool still has hope and he's currently tied for first.

In other news, we've been cooking maniacs this weekend (during timeouts, halftimes, etc). Yesterday, we made ham and potato casserole, and today we made chili, spaghetti sauce, and lasagna -- all to be frozen in the new chest freezer and kept for Pippa's arrival when we will be too sleep-deprived to remember how to follow a recipe.

Finally, in between all of that (and my daily naps), we had brunch with two groups of friends; one on Saturday, one on Sunday. Listened to the many pearls of baby-raising wisdom that dropped from their lips -- I feel like I should follow all my friends w/ kids around with paper and pen taking notes so I remember all this good advice and parenting going round... do you think that'd make them nervous?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Latest Check-Up

Had a check-up yesterday, and everything's looking good. I'm now measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule, but there is still plenty of time for things to get regular. The only problem w/ measuring larger is that she may be too big to deliver -- but closer to the time they'll do another sonogram to determine that. I met w/ a midwife for the first time -- our practice has 4-5 midwives that they work with. Unfortunately, they only work Monday through Friday, 6am-8pm, so if you deliver on the weekend you're out of luck. But I'm going to keep meeting w/ them and the doctors, and probably ask for a midwife when I go into labor. They're all (including the doctors) really flexible at this practice, so pretty much whatever we want to do they'll accommodate.

And her name is NOT...

...Isabel Pippa.

Turns out Isabel is a first name that is very common in both of our families' genealogies.
So when we were tossing around hundreds of potential first names, just to see what they sounded like with Pippa, I posited 'Isabel Pippa'.

Then decided that really wouldn't work--
Sounds much too like 'It's a Bell Pepper'.

Monday, March 13, 2006

And her name is.....

Pippa. At least, that's her middle name because we haven't decided on her first name and probably won't until she's here (we've got a few top contenders). But, we're planning on calling her Pippa. We'd been purusing the 8,000 baby name books and were both throwing out name variants and James said "what about Pippa?" and we both just started smiling -- it sounds like such a happy name :) The name can be short for Philippa, which neither of us like, or it can be a stand-alone name the way we're using it -- it's a very British name apparently. Reactions to the name have swung between liking it (or pretending to), and absolutely loving it -- not that we're changing our minds on this one because we love it and at this point I'm not sure I can call her anything else. We had planned on keeping her name a secret until she was born, but we decided to share after all because we've been calling her Pippa for a few weeks now and it was becoming difficult in phone conversations to not call her Pippa -- and my mother is staying with us for a few days in April and we knew we'd never get through the visit without slipping up.

In other news, Pippa is running out of room in there and has stopped violently kicking and punching -- she's switched to a lot of constant pushing and general moving around. Because of this we can tell the size of her feet (she's particularly fond of pushing her heel out), they're very small!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And bigger still

So last night I was commenting to James that I didn't think I was getting much bigger in the belly region (just everywhere else, sadly) and he agreed. Today, I started to get dressed in the clothes I'd set out last night -- the first shirt didn't cover my belly, the second shirt didn't cover my belly, the third shirt didn't cover my belly but by this time I was late and didn't care. All of those shirts fit last week -- in fact one of them was a bit too big. So apparently we were smoking crack last night and I have gotten even huger than I was before. I REALLY don't want to buy all new maternity clothes, so my choice is to keep tugging my shirt down all day (the coping strategy for today and the novelty is wearing thin), or to wear the clothes a friend loaned me that are all mediums and larges (and while they fit my belly great, they really don't fit anywhere else). Grrr. On the other hand, she has been super active lately which is always good.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


She had hiccups for the first time tonight -- my belly quivers to a consistent rhythm as she hiccups. The epicenter of the hiccuping moves around as she does. Very very strange. Made us both feel bad for her -- must be uncomfortable!

In other news, at my appointment on Monday I got tested for diabetes and the tests came back negative. Yay. This is a test they do for all pregnant people - tho they thought I might have it because she's running big and I'm thirsty all the time. Turns out, she's just big, and I'm just thirsty.

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