Sunday, March 19, 2006

Brackets, Casseroles, Brunch

This weekend has been devoted to the NCAA play-offs. On Thursday, I was winning with my bracket; through mid-afternoon on Friday I was still first. Then, it turned ugly. I mean, really, Northwestern State?? George Mason over UNC?? What is this world coming to. In my pool I'm tied for fourth and don't see that improving much. James had Kansas going all the way in one of his pools (I know, we're not sure what he was thinking either; needless to say he's in next to last place -- at least if he can take over last he gets his $5 back). In the other pool he's got BC going all the way -- that pool still has hope and he's currently tied for first.

In other news, we've been cooking maniacs this weekend (during timeouts, halftimes, etc). Yesterday, we made ham and potato casserole, and today we made chili, spaghetti sauce, and lasagna -- all to be frozen in the new chest freezer and kept for Pippa's arrival when we will be too sleep-deprived to remember how to follow a recipe.

Finally, in between all of that (and my daily naps), we had brunch with two groups of friends; one on Saturday, one on Sunday. Listened to the many pearls of baby-raising wisdom that dropped from their lips -- I feel like I should follow all my friends w/ kids around with paper and pen taking notes so I remember all this good advice and parenting going round... do you think that'd make them nervous?

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