Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hopefully Bigger Than Pippa

Friends of ours that James works with had their baby yesterday. She was almost 2 weeks overdue, and her baby was 'running big' the way Pippa is -- their last sonogram measurement put him at the high 9 lb range. Apparently they recommend C-sections for anything over 9 1/2 lbs, but the sonograms can be wildly inaccurate... off by as much as a pound either way. So, they decided to have a scheduled C-section yesterday. Their baby was... wait for it... 10 LBS 15 OZ!!!! He's healthy, and very cute, and very big!! Hopefully Pippa won't be that big, because I'd really rather not have a C-section... on the other hand, whatever happens happens :) We have a clinic appointment tomorrow so can see if she's slowed down in growth at all. According to our baby books, she'll continue to gain at least a half pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy.

Oh um yeah, big baby! You are right though, whatever happens, happens, and I can tell you that a c-section isn't all that bad in many ways! :-) Can't wait 'til she gets here.
can you write this on a blog? holy shit!!! I am glad they didn't even try to deliver that baby any other way - yikes! Yeah, don't let Pippa become a giant! ;-) What did they name their giant? rks
They named him Gabriel Elias -- interestingly those were both names that were in our top choices for boys!
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