Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And bigger still

So last night I was commenting to James that I didn't think I was getting much bigger in the belly region (just everywhere else, sadly) and he agreed. Today, I started to get dressed in the clothes I'd set out last night -- the first shirt didn't cover my belly, the second shirt didn't cover my belly, the third shirt didn't cover my belly but by this time I was late and didn't care. All of those shirts fit last week -- in fact one of them was a bit too big. So apparently we were smoking crack last night and I have gotten even huger than I was before. I REALLY don't want to buy all new maternity clothes, so my choice is to keep tugging my shirt down all day (the coping strategy for today and the novelty is wearing thin), or to wear the clothes a friend loaned me that are all mediums and larges (and while they fit my belly great, they really don't fit anywhere else). Grrr. On the other hand, she has been super active lately which is always good.

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