Monday, March 13, 2006

And her name is.....

Pippa. At least, that's her middle name because we haven't decided on her first name and probably won't until she's here (we've got a few top contenders). But, we're planning on calling her Pippa. We'd been purusing the 8,000 baby name books and were both throwing out name variants and James said "what about Pippa?" and we both just started smiling -- it sounds like such a happy name :) The name can be short for Philippa, which neither of us like, or it can be a stand-alone name the way we're using it -- it's a very British name apparently. Reactions to the name have swung between liking it (or pretending to), and absolutely loving it -- not that we're changing our minds on this one because we love it and at this point I'm not sure I can call her anything else. We had planned on keeping her name a secret until she was born, but we decided to share after all because we've been calling her Pippa for a few weeks now and it was becoming difficult in phone conversations to not call her Pippa -- and my mother is staying with us for a few days in April and we knew we'd never get through the visit without slipping up.

In other news, Pippa is running out of room in there and has stopped violently kicking and punching -- she's switched to a lot of constant pushing and general moving around. Because of this we can tell the size of her feet (she's particularly fond of pushing her heel out), they're very small!!!

That is a cute name and of course unique! I hope she has freckles. I suggest another English name for the first name: Poppy Pippa Jackson Sanborn. That would really throw off the demographers...
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