Friday, October 10, 2008

Evan Williams and Different Boats

Rowan turns one tomorrow. It's amazing that it's only been a year :) Here are some pics I snapped today.

I swear that drinking age gets younger and younger...

The girls were playing in laundry baskets (or 'boats' according to Pippa). They were each in their own when I grabbed the camera, but by the time I got it turned on Pippa had hopped into Rowan's and was giving her 'snuggles'. What's great about these next few photos is that they were snapped one after the other -- but look how quickly they moved around :) Typical day in the life of...

In between this photo, and the last one, Pippa had gotten out and back into her 'boat'.

Pippa is now behind the camera, demanding that I show her photos of herself.

She needs a haircut!

We took this one the other day, but it was so funny. Both girls playing on their 'cell phones', both looking like they're texting away. By the time they're teenagers w/ their own phones, there probably won't even be text messaging anymore.

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