Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rowan's Birthday

So, Rowan turned one this weekend. And Rowan loves meat. I mean, really really loves meat. I was going to make her a meat cupcake for her birthday party, until James hit upon the cheesecake idea. Which he made from scratch, and then took more pics of it than the kids... so here it is in its full glory....

Rowan really, really, really just wants the cheesecake, already.

Rowan with her two grandmothers. Note how she's eyeing her grandmama's hair -- 2 seconds later she got a huge hunk of it and poor Midge was covered in blueberry cheesecake. Sadly, I did not capture this on film.

Rowan showing Grampy how old she is. Just in case anyone forgets.

Midge and Charlie relaxing on the back porch where we had the party. It was unnaturally warm out (mid-60s, in October!). I told Rowan this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime birthday location for her.


The birthday girl opens Pippa's present (a choo-choo train), which Pippa immediately commandeered and wouldn't let anyone else play with.

Rowan and her Uncle Bill

Great pictures! Say hi to all the family for me -- it was nice to see them in the pictures!
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