Saturday, October 18, 2008


We've had a pile of company this past week (thanks for visiting, everyone!) and I've gotten a few pics loaded already.

All the kids loved standing on these stools and peeking out the living room windows. Here are Iris and Pippa.

And Iris and Trevor

Another popular activity was emptying the 'kid cup' drawer. Repeatedly.

Since Rowan is now one, we can turn her seat around. She knows how to roll.

Pippa, Iris, and me at the 'bog walk' in Orono. It's a two mile boardwalk walk through a peat bog -- it's gorgeous.

Pitcher plants

Bog cotton

Iris, Rowan, and Pippa. It's impossible to get a picture of three energy-filled kids (even after a 2 mile walk) and have the all on the bench, and looking good. I think Trevor was asleep in the stroller at this point.

The two Yahoos

Here are a few old videos. Here's Pippa, singing Old MacDonald... or Mic-Old-Donald as it's known in our house.

Rowan pulls up and plays with James' phone, and Pippa tries to steal the limelight.

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