Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins, Arguing, French

Masha, Byron, Carlos and Elena visited us this past week, and we went to the farmer's market to pick pumpkins for carving. Carlos was rocking these great sunglasses.

Rowan gets in on the pumpkin patch action by trying to claim all the pumpkins for herself.

Pippa and Carlos were absolutely adorable playing together all week. They rarely fought and had the BEST time. Unfortunately, I didn't get any videos of that. I did get one of their rare arguments. Here, they argue the vitally important question of whether a fire engine says "whooo-whooo" or "beep beep". They then move on to the thorny issue of whether the bird in question is a duck or a chick (it was actually a gosling) and what said bird would then sound like. Margaret is the first referee, I'm the second.

Pippa's preschool has weekly French lessons. I was reading Rowan an abc book when Pippa piped in that she wanted to sing the abc's in French. She then launched into this rendition. Notice that the only thing that makes this French is the lower tone and the ridiculously pursed lips. I could barely hold the camera I was laughing so hard.

Oh man, awesome! OK, check this out! Pippa totally had him. A train DOES say Whoo-Whoo!, right? Yes!

So, second point. It wasn't perfectly clear due to low resolution, but it looked like it was duck and they do say Quack! Quack!

Wait, that's just like Brandi and me! I'm always wrong. WAIT! Men are always wrong!!

The above brought to you by Arrogant Bast... Well, have a terrific day!
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