Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pippa at the Beach

So we just got back from the annual August beach trip with some of our friends.

Pippa seemed to like being at the beach, as she would promptly fall asleep the moment we set her under a shade within earshot of the waves.

She wasn't so sure about actually being in the water, though.

Below are a few photos, and here are the rest of the photos.

I am so jealous! Beautiful baby, trip to the beach w/ friends, and esp. that Hawaiian outfit on Pippa! I did get my baby fix weekend before last at a family reunion including my niece's baby Xander,a month or so older than Pippa.
We miss you a lot here at the library, Emily, but that's not your problem : ) The move back to Perkins is going smoothly. Exciting times.
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