Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pictures and Movies

More pictures and movies than you can shake a stick at. If, you know, you had a stick near your computer that you could shake at it...

Another great onesie -- Def Lebird. Licensed by both Sesame Street's Big Bird and (the band) Def Leppard (based on the the album, Hysteria). Just to point out here, though, supposedly this onesie is for 18-24 month-olds. Uh-huh. I mean, it's a bit big, but she's three months old here, people.

She LOVES to practice standing. I keep telling James he needs to cut this out -- we don't need her walking at 9 months like he did.

This surprised look comprises about 40% of her facial expressions in any given day.

Here we are at the first birthday party Pippa has ever attended. Our friends' children Alex and Molly were five and one (their birthdays are a day apart). Pippa was quite a hit in her cute green party dress.

Every picture with me in it came out dorky -- so these are all here under protest.

And now for some not-so-great closeups for those of you who can't get enough pics and don't really care how good they are...

And now for the videos. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to catch her more speech-like sounds so these aren't really representative of all of the sounds she makes. The first three are very cute:
Chatting and laughing
Evil genius (look at the hands)

And the rest of these are for folks who just can't get enough... these all prove that the minute the camera comes out she becomes much more interested in the shiny camera than whatever adorable thing she was doing before. Oh well.
Kicking legs
More kicking legs
Just there
She raises her eyebrow like I do in this one -- several people have commented on this trait. What's weird, though, is she lifts the opposite brow that I do so I'm guessing it's mimicking rather than genetic.

Ofoto has all of these pics, but not the movies.

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