Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've been very bummed that I haven't felt the baby kick yet -- some are able to as early as 16 weeks, and most by 20 -- I'm in week 22. Last night, right before bed, I felt strange little twitches in my abdomen -- like muscle spasms but in really localized areas -- and wondered if this was her kicking. I'd just had orange juice, which they say usually bring on kicking spells (in fact, later on in the third trimester if you haven't felt the kid kick for a long time, before you call the nurse and panic you're supposed to drink OJ and wait 30 min- something to do with the glucose...). So tonight, I'm sitting on the couch w/ my hand on my belly cuz I'm cold and I feel my fingers move - it was really weird because I couldn't feel anything on the inside but the outside was jumping around. James came over and felt it too. It looked like something was poking me w/ a twig on the inside. It was very very cool. At least, I hope it was her kicking and not some bizarre stomach bug or something :)

I only started feeling Carlos moving a bit around this time last year, so you're already ahead of where I was :-) (given that our babes are 13 months apart, or so the current schedule says). I too read and heard that I was supposed to feel him much earlier, so went through a bout of the blues, thinking I didn't feel pregnant so something must be wrong ... it just didn't feel real.

My little guy made up for lost time when he did start moving, though :-). I remember getting pruny in the bathtub, just fascinated watching him through my skin. Alien alert!
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