Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dogs and Colds

We had our first baby class on Tuesday -- "Baby Meets Bowser" -- all about having dogs w/ an infant/toddler. I didn't think we'd get anything too useful out of the class, but it was actually really good. The biggest thing is to get the dogs whipped into shape obedience-wise -- have them sit super quickly when told, come quickly when told, good leash behaviors (we're teaching them both to heel, finally), etc. I'm sure there was more good info but I can't remember much about the class because....

I have another cold. I had almost a week of non-sick-bliss and then got slammed w/ this one on Sunday and have been lying on the couch ever since. It's a completely different cold than the previous one -- and lucky James gets to share in its loveliness as well. Bleh. I'm hoping this is the last day of it because I think I'm feeling a bit better -- tho that might just be the sudafed talking. The good thing is it hasn't slowed down the Tadpole AT ALL -- what had been gentle kicking has turned into kick-boxing. It's quite a show she puts on -- looks like some alien form is trying to get out of my stomach, never mind what it feels like on the inside. Crazy.

Gosh, I'm remembering all about my pregnancy through your stories. :-) This is a post-birth perspective, though, and why I love "wearing" Carlos with slings ... from mid-second trimester onward I had bouts of "ugh, I can't wait to get my body back and wear my real clothes!" but mostly I loved carrying my child.

Once Carlos was born, he was gone ... I felt I couldn't constantly keep him safe and happy and feed him so easily as I had when he was in utero. Of course, it was well well worth it ... I also just couldn't wait to meet him, but then again, once I saw his face it was as if I had known him forever.

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