Sunday, January 08, 2006

Holiday Travel

It's been forever since we posted. We travelled to Maine for the holidays -- for probably the last time. My parents are moving to Canada (ok, not really, but close enough) and NC and at this time James's family doesn't have a place for us to stay. In any event, we had a great visit! Thanks everyone for all the Xmas presents -- we got lots of great stuff (I'll start working on those thank-you notes today). Margaret and Byron gave us LOADS of cool baby stuff and the family had presents for the tadpole, too (including a stuffed frog), so she made out like a bandit. We drove straight-through on the return trip -- which was hard on the puppies and on us but it'll be the last time we can do that (I'm pretty sure infants won't sit in the car for 16 hours). James says he'll post some holiday pictures soon -- but he's got to prepare for his Monday interview first (for this job ), then get the web camera Bry gave us for Xmas set up -- so don't hold your breath waiting.

Hey, thank *you* for putting all of Carlos' outgrown stuff to such good use!

A de-cluttering we go ... speaking of which, am I cluttering your blog with all these comments?
Your comments are absolutely not clutter!! So, please keep commenting away :)
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