Monday, October 23, 2006

Race and Party

So on Saturday James entered a 5k race in Hillsborough, pushing Pippa in her new jogging stroller. He didn't set a course record, but he did better than he thought he would. Jeremy also ran, and Ruffin came along to keep Emily company (Ruff wasn't running so she could save her energy for a mini-triathlon on Sunday).

Pippa, as is evident from the photos, wore her Hallowe'en costume-- mainly because it's a nice warm outfit, but also 'cuz we thought it was cute.

Most of the people at the race thought so too-- She was repeatedly cheered along the course- "Go, Bumble Bee!" James was confused why she got so many more cheers of encouragement than he did, since she really wasn't doing much of the work.... :)

on to the photos:
Jeremy holding Pippa pre-race

It's too bad nobody likes this little bumble bee....

Pippa resting before her gruelling run. Bees and elephants, it turns out, are best friends.

Jeremy, slumbering Pippa-Bee & James pre-race

One more pre-race photo

At the start line-- James didn't win the 'stroller class' but he did place first among males pushing strollers.... Also, note the little girl in a yellow tank top-- she placed third in the race overall-- 9 years old, and she ran a 16min 50sec 5k... the next two fastest women runners were Duke track students.

Jeremy coming down the hill towards the finish

back up the hill, you can just make out James and the bee...

Post- race-- James is tired-- the Pippa-bee, awake and refreshed after the run.

Pippa hanging out with her race number.

These Nike shoes were a raffle item after the race-- the winner was a college student who said she didn't know anyone who could use them and gave them to Pippa. Overall, Pippa really made out on the day not only was she given the shoes, but one of the race coordinators saw her when we were registering in the morning, and gave her a baby tee-shirt from the Turnip Patch Park for which this run was a fundraiser.

Later that day, we went to some friends' house for a 1 year birthday party (Happy Birthday, Sadie!)

Here's a great photo of Josh and Jen's son, Alex (very photogenic) with Pippa (not so photogenic (at least in this photo)).

Pippa's very photogenic...she was just still coming down from the mentality of "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"....
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