Thursday, January 04, 2007

UK Visit and Christmas

Josh and Carrie and their two sons Simon (2 months) and Colby (22 months) visited from the UK. Jason joined them at our place and we all had a great time.

Carrie with Colby and Simon, Jason, James and Pippa and Josh at the Tobacco Complex in Durham (a very cool renovated tobacco warehouse and train stop).

Jason and Pippa -- I love that they have the same expression on their face. Note the Boston Red Sox cap, courtesy of Moe.

Simon had RSV (not from Pippa) and was recovering this day, poor guy.

Pippa loves to roll.

Pippa's first try at a 'big kid' highchair in a restaurant -- she did great!

Pippa with Grammy and Cousin Rian.

I knit James a Christmas stocking, and it got a wee bit out of control...

Pippa loves this hat. Really really loves it. Especially biting it. You'll see this again in other photos.

Pippa with Grampy.

Pippa's idea of unwrapping presents is to get an edge free, bite the paper, and ignore the present. This is why we didn't get her much for Xmas -- she's really more satisfied with the paper and empty boxes!

It's hard to choose between toys... better to play with them both at the same time.

James and I gave Pippa a bongo set. We all love them.

Aunt Sheri lent us this snail rocker that Pippa LOVES. She loves to rock furiously while vigorously chewing the antenna.

Love the hat--and can't believe how nice and sunny and warm it looked there in JANUARY!! Of course, I get to visit during a snowstorm!!

So glad I finally got down there to meet Pippa--now that I am closer, I hope to make the trip much more often (be warned!).
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