Friday, January 26, 2007


Pippa learned how to wave this last week -- and she's eight months old. She'll wave at every person and animal she sees (okay, and sometimes important objects, like the refrigerator). We were visiting her Uncle Bryan's office and all of his coworkers came out to meet her and she started waving at them like she'd been doing it her whole life -- I'm not sure they believed us that it was her first time. Now she waves like a champ. Constantly. Like when someone goes into a different room, or when a puppy strolls by, or in her sleep... all night long. Here is a video of her on that first day at Bry and Sheri's house:

She now weighs 21 pounds on my mom's bathroom scale. At Bry and Sheri's house a neighbor picked her up and made the normal comment about how heavy she is (it's always interesting how this is worded -- "oh my, she's sturdy" or "gracious, she's...dense") and when I told her she weighs 21 pounds she said her 2 year old weighs 22 pounds. That's our Sugar Plum Fairy.

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