Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Third Trimester

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. This is the first week of my third trimester -- I've got about 14 1/2 weeks to go which seems SO quick to me. Fun facts about the Tadpole -- she's about 2 pounds and about 15" long from top of head to toes. Her eyelids have been formed since the 12th week and will open this week -- all the parts of the eye are fully formed now. She starts to recognize our voices this week :)

Things we still have to do -- get pediatrician, put fan in nursery, register for baby shower, get chest freezer, get car seat installed by firefighters, go to all the baby classes, and I'm sure there's lots more but pregnancy brain is a permanent condition w/ me now :) I'm sure it'll all get done in-time, and if it doesn't, oh well -- luckily the most important thing is the car seat which we've got thanks to Byron and Masha!

Oh yeah, it turns out it wasn't a UTI after all so I can stop taking antibiotics (yay!) -- they don't know what it was but we go in next week for another ultrasound (a follow up for the cysts in her head) and as long as it doesn't get worse or more frequent we can wait until then. Good times.

Wait wait wait ... 15" long???? They measure her with the ultrasound, right, so that's accurate? And now she must be longer ....

Wow - it's debatable how long Carlos was when he was born (measurement the midwives took was *longer* than what the pediatrician's nurse took a few days later - as if he'd shrunk!), but it was somewhere between 18 - 20". Even real big babes that I know weren't too much longer/taller than that at birth ... (weight was more, of course).

Awesome! I don't think length/height factors too much in birthing difficulties ... it just all depends on that head circumference ;-).
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