Monday, February 20, 2006

She's healthy -- and still BIG

James left me to fill in the other details from the appointment. The reason we had the sonogram was to check on the CPCs (see the post way back in week 18 titled "It's a Girl") -- as expected, they resolved themselves, and she got a clean bill of health! CPCs are gone, everything else looks great. One of the biggest indicators for problems would be if the baby were too small --No worries there-- she's HUGE. 93rd percentile -- the doctor says that could even out over the next several weeks. Let's hope so! A twelve pound behemoth doesn't sound like too much fun.... She now weighs about 2 lbs 13 oz ("average" is just over 2 lbs at the end of this week). We also found out she's flipped to head-down, feet-up. The exam was really neat -- we saw her swallowing the amniotic fluid (this is what they do to pass the time, I guess) which was cool to watch. She kicked a lot during the exam -- so hard she surprised the sonographer who commented on how strong she is. Much happiness.

Wow she's really big! Good job mom! Your 4-d pics are much better than ours. Annaliese has been in strange positions every Ultrasound we have had done.. Dave S.
Gorgeous baby. It looks like you are doing a fantastic job. They say big means very healthy for the first few years of life. I hope you are feeling well yourself!
Hi Mom. She is beautiful, no surprise there. ILY
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