Monday, August 31, 2009


Continuing with the tradition of posting old photos long after they were taken, back in June we decided it was time to get Pippa's hair cut for the first time.

It had gotten down past her waist if you stretched the curls out.

before she went to 'Mama's hair place'


after (side view)

and more after (back view)

Rowan decided she wanted a photo of the back of her head too.

Here they are smiling

and here they are with their prettiest faces

Rowan decided she really wanted to eat the lemon I was cooking with.
She seemed to really like it.

Super, super cute. Rowan is such a blonde these days and Pippa is so stylin'! Did she become the youngest ever donor to Locks of Love?
I showed Molly the pictures of Pippa's hair cut and she says the following:

"Did she cry?" and
"I miss you and I wish you could back to your regular house again. And...are we thinking about them? (yes) And, we're thinking about you and I miss you and I love you. I hope we see you again."
as you know, we are fans of the bob! lookin' good Pippa!
I can't believe how much older they both look - esp Rowan. Wow! They are really growing up!! I hope you guys are doing well. We miss you here in NC.
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