Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthdays, Outfits, and Bugs

Pippa's school celebrates her birthday. Her teacher is helping her pick out bday stickers.

James and Pippa's teacher blow up birthday balloons.

Pippa decided to dress herself this morning. A button-down tanktop on backwards, a Bates College bib, and underwear. Stylin'. And if you're wondering what Rowan is doing in this pic (see bottom right corner), check out the next picture...

Yup. She's stuck.

The girls pick "dandyflowers" in the backyard and have a chat.

And find bugs.

I appreciate the generous caption that implied I could actually blow up that balloon. I don't know how Kevin (or all those clowns, for that matter) could get those long skinny balloons to actually blow up. I sure couldn't do it.
So cute! I can't get over the summer clothes in Maine, though. Happy birthday Pipster!
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