Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boats and Zombies

Rowan is crawling, pulling up, and cruising everywhere... leaving a path of destruction in her wake. Pippa is talking in full sentences and cracking us up w/ her insights. Here are some pictures and videos.... I'm off to paint and unpack some more.

Pippa built a boat for her and Tiger. See the devilish look in Rowan's eye? Three seconds later this boat was destroyed.

Pippa made me take a series of pictures of her being an 'acrobat' in this chair.

I was trying to capture Rowan's 'flock of seagulls' hairstyle, but it was really hard to do it actual justice. This pic shows only a small percentage of how silly it actually looked.

Pippa sings the ABCs (sort of -- she had a fever this day and was pretty dopey, she actually can sing the whole thing properly) and Rowan boogies down.

Mission Accomplished!

Rowan's crawling always reminds me of those old zombie movies, where the zombie's legs have been cut off and it's dragging itself forward with its arms. But cuter.

I was expecting an old picture of James' Flock of Seagulls look!!! Very cute!
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