Thursday, April 17, 2008

6 month comparison time

Rowan had her 6 month check up yesterday.
She's doing great-- clean bill of health.

After getting her numbers, we decided to compare them to Pippa's at 6 months and were surprised at how similar (exactly the same for two) they were:


Head Circumferencemeasurementpercentile

Pippa19lbs 1oz95%
Rowan20lbs 14ozoff the charts

So, basically what this is saying: Rowan is pretty fat.
Of course we knew that.

What we hadn't realized, until our friend Brian pointed it out, is just how much Rowan looks like Harvey Keitel:

maybe this means she'll have a successful acting career?
I shudder to think about drawing any other comparisons with Harvey or the characters he has played....

I'm trying not to think of that scene in ??? when he played a bad cop who stopped those teenaged girls...

Stella Dot, at nearly 11 months, weighs a solid 2 pounds less than your 6 month old.
Great pictures, and how funny--I would not have seen the HK resemblance without the photo match.
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