Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where my peeps at?

Happy Easter, everyone.
We dressed Rowan up in her Easter onesie (formerly Pippa's Easter onesie) for a couple photos (thanks, Jen!).

In other news, Rowan learned how to roll over yesterday.
Also, Rowan, as mentioned before, is quite fat. So to show both things we present the following vid:

Pippa has a real thing for birds, owls in particular (in a bird book we have, she can pick out more birds than either Emily or I: wren, cormorant, bufflehead, pintail, crow, snowy owl, barn owl, elf owl, pigmy owl, screech owl, horned owl, etc). She's decided to commemorate her love for owls with her own musical tribute:

What a great shirt. You got yo' peeps, Rowan!

Pippa in her pigtails appears to be channeling her inner Joy, if Joy were an ornithologist instead of a hillbilly.
Alright, we'll have to get Henry and Pippa together for a birding expedition - he also has a knack for remembering bird pictures (an oystercatcher? really?)

I have to say, the vid of Rowan rolling over sadly reminds me of listening to Tara and Tom try to get Casey (their Samoyed) to roll over as a puppy. Happily, Rowan is much more successful!
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